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{ T.okyo R.hapsody } g r a p h i c j o u r n a l

Rippin Kittin
26 April 1987
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I n t r o
Welcome to my graphic journal. Here I will post mostly icons but also some FO banners, signatures and PV screencaps. I may not be as good as others but I'm a passionate graphic maker nonetheless. Feel free to friend this journal if you like my stuff. :3

A b o u t
In the world wide web I'm usually known as Kittie, Rippin Kittin or xrippinxkittinx. So if you see someone with one of these usernames there's a high probability that it's me. X3 My real name is Katja and I was born on 26th of April '87 (makes me 20 years of age, no!?). I'm really obsessed with pink things, music (especially Jrock :3) and Jdoramas. <3 My current fave bands would be girugämesh, D'espairsRay, An Cafe, alice nine., Nightmare and the TRAX (in no particular order).

A f f i l i a t e s
batskull-69, blindcottonlove, iconsmex, iconynano, night_filth, qwertygrafx, tokiojunkie, tokyo_shinjyuu, velvetxtrigger

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